💲Why Add Liquidity on HyperBlast

Add liquidity on HyperBlast and you will be part of our community!

⚡️ Choosing to add liquidity on HyperBlast, you're not just investing; you're becoming part of a pioneering ecosystem dedicated to providing unparalleled support, exposure, and benefits to its members.

  1. Custom Support: We provide personalized support to all our liquidity providers. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist with any inquiries or challenges, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

  2. Partnership Possibility: By joining us, you open doors to potential partnerships. We're not just a platform; we are a growing community looking to collaborate and grow together.

  3. Featured Pool: Liquidity providers have the opportunity to be featured in our pool section. This visibility can significantly increase engagement with your project and attract more liquidity providers.

  4. Dapp Token Logo: We offer the unique advantage of showcasing your token logo on our platform. This visual representation enhances your token's branding and helps it stand out.

  5. Featured Token (Listed): Get your token listed and featured on our platform. This status not only elevates your project’s prestige but also increases its discoverability among potential investors.

  6. Big KOLs in Our Chat: Our chat is always alive with big Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) interested in discovering and discussing new projects. This continuous exposure can significantly benefit your project.

  7. 100% Blast Native Yield for Liquidity Providers: We offer an unbeatable 100% Blast native yield to our liquidity providers. This exceptional reward system is designed to maximize your returns and is a testament to our commitment to our community’s growth.

  8. Gas Refunding on Swap: In a bid to reduce the cost burden on our users, we refund gas fees on swaps conducted on our platform. This initiative makes transactions more economical and enhances the overall trading experience.

  9. Custom RPC Providers: Our platform uses paid RPC's to enhance user trading experience with faster and smooth data loading compared to other dexes that use users RPC's

  10. Full Testing Environment: HyperBlast offers an alternative testnet dApp where any feature can be tested for free against the Blast testnet before deploying on the mainnet.

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