Revenue generated from DEX through blast gas features will be 70-80% refunded to users automatically thanks to our customized router. Every time you perform a swap you get an automatic gas refund. Router also claims pending gas by himself without intervention of owners, complete autonomy.

Our liquidity pools integrate automatic blast yield features, users providing liquidity to USDB and WETH pools will receive a ~4% APR profit as described on blast docs: https://docs.blast.io/building/guides/eth-yield

"Like our router the liquidity pools are completely autonomous"

Most of our utilities will have a tax, around 0.01 ETH on average, can be paid on HYPE (50% will be burned). Most of tax generated from features will be used to buyback HYPE and fill the staking pool. (More details about stake will be given on next sections)

Every time you perform a swap, create a liquidity pool, a new locker, a new token, a new project in our launchpad, a new swap in our p2p market, paying a trending on our telegram bot... you are contributing with the entire ecosystem, more HYPE will be bought and more rewards stakers will receive.

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