HyperBlast Features Roadmap

5️⃣ Liquidity Pools

Liquidity Pools offer exceptional Annual Percentage Rates (APRs), including an additional +4% from Blast Native Yield. This feature allows users to maximize their earnings through various pools, enhancing the investment experience by offering diverse opportunities for yield generation.

6️⃣ Staking (No Lock)

Implement a flexible staking option that enables users to stake their assets with no lock-in period, ensuring immediate liquidity. Over a three-year period, 30% of the rewards earned from staking will be unlocked, catering to investors seeking both long-term benefits and flexibility. This design is tailored for those who value the growth of their investments without compromising on accessibility.

7️⃣ Leaderboard

Introduce a leaderboard system that rewards users for their daily engagement, focusing on holding HYPE, HyperBlast LP tokens, launching their own tokens, and locking liquidity. This retroactive system ensures that current holdings and proactive contributions are recognized in future evaluations. The reward criteria include:

  • Long-term HYPE Holdings / Staking

  • Volume generated through Swaps

  • Liquidity in HyperBlast Pools

  • Tokens Launched

  • Tokens Locked

8️⃣ Lottery (No Loss)

Launch a no-loss lottery system, similar to PoolTogether, that utilizes Blast WETH native yield. This innovative approach allows users to participate in lotteries for a chance to win substantial prizes without incurring additional costs. It leverages the yield from their assets, offering an exciting, risk-free way to potentially increase their holdings.

9️⃣ P2P Market

Create a peer-to-peer market that enables users to sell any token over-the-counter (OTC) without adversely affecting their favorite projects. This feature is designed to facilitate seamless direct transactions between users, ensuring the integrity of the project's market is maintained. It represents a strategic approach to preserving project value while enabling liquidity

🔟 Launchpad

Develop a launchpad that serves as a platform for new projects, facilitating token launches, liquidity locking, and initial fundraising. This feature is crucial for emerging projects, providing them with the necessary exposure and capital to thrive. It supports the ecosystem's growth by introducing innovative projects and ensuring their successful market entry.

These enhancements aim to provide a clearer, more detailed understanding of each feature, emphasizing their benefits and the value they bring to users and the ecosystem.

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