🟡Token Generator

Quickly create and deploy your own token on Blast L2, choose from our variety of options and features to customize the token to your liking.

  1. Connect Wallet: Simply connect any supported wallet to our platform and you'll be able to create your token in no time.

  2. Add Token Details: Add basic details about your token such as the name, symbol, decimals and supply.

  3. Select Features: Select any additional features you would like, from our vast selection such as limitations, taxes, liquidity at start and more.

  4. Deploy: Once deployed, your token will be available across the entire Blast blockchain ecosystem, ready to be used.

Like the rest of features 0.01 ETH tax is applied every time you create a new locker, if you pay using HYPE 50% will be burned.

Our token generator has several categories designed to cover developers needs and the user friendly interface makes the whole process clear like water. No need to navigate through clumsy menus fund random wallets or press imnumerables buttons, like most of telegram bots or website UIs designed to token creation. Launch a Token Tutorial: https://docs.hyperblast.io/tutorials/launch-a-token

Cover the form fields and deploy with your own wallet in 2 clicks.

Soon future sections will be added where you can manage your contracts deployed, gas claim, ownership, renounce, add new liquidity pairs...

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