🚀Launch a Token

How to Create Tokens on Blast L2: A Beginner's Guide

With HyperBlast's Token Generator you can create a token the easy way with no coding experience. Follow these steps to successfully launch your first token in the Blast L2 ecosystem:

1️⃣ Create Your Factory

The first step is very simple, just click on the "Create Factory" button, confirm the TX in Metamask and you are ready to move on to the next step.

This method guarantees the creation of tokens so you can start your project without any technical knowledge.

2️⃣ Choose Token Type

In this section you can find different types of tokens (some of them are not yet available but will be soon) and options for your launch: whether it is a memecoin, utility token or any other type.

3️⃣ Input Token Details

Once you have selected the token type, you have to complete the forms with the information (Name, Symbol, Decimals...). You can also choose at the bottom whether you want to pay in ETH or HYPE tokens (50% HYPE will be burned).

This step is very important to perform the launch correctly.

4️⃣ Validate and Create Token

The last step to launch your token (after filling out the form above) is to click the "Validate" button.

A message will appear indicating that it has been successfully validated along with the CA of the contract that you can copy or add to Metamask by clicking the icon.

To finish, you just click the "Create Token" button, confirm the TX in Metamask and that's it.

And as you can see, with this ease you just launch your first token in Blast L2 without any knowledge of code or contracts.

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