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Comprehensive No-Code Guide

Creating tokens can be a complex process, especially for those who are new to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. This guide will introduce you to launch tokens on Blast L2, an efficient and user-friendly Layer 2 solution, with various options to customize your token according to your needs.

We'll cover everything from standard tokens to more advanced configurations, ensuring you have all the information to start your token creation journey.

A) Standard Token

Standard tokens are the simplest form of tokens you can create. They follow the ERC20 standard from OpenZeppelin, ensuring compatibility and security. There are 3 categories under standard tokens:

  1. BASIC: This is a straightforward token without any taxes or limits, adhering strictly to the ERC20 standards. Name, Symbol, Decimals, Supply: You can specify these basic attributes of your token.

  2. LIMIT: Allow you to set maximum transaction amounts and wallet holdings under specific conditions. This is further divided into 4 types:

  • None: A basic limit token without additional constraints.

  • Swaps: After a certain number of swaps, the method is disabled. Configure max transaction percentage, max wallet percentage, and token liquidity (ETH, USDB....).

  • Timestamps: The method is disabled after a specified date, with similar configurations to Swaps.

  • Blocks: The method is disabled after a certain number of blocks, with configurations mirroring Swaps.

  1. FAIR LAUNCH: Designed to rekt snipers, the token is launched with liquidity that only you know the address of. You can choose the 4 types of limits above and also select the % of tokens to be added to the liquidity and the amount of ETH to be added to the liquidity.

B) Advanced Token

Advanced tokens offer more flexibility with taxes and limits for different aspects of the token's economy. This can be further subdivided into 2 categories:

  1. LIMITS: As in the standard token, choose from None, Swaps, Timestamps, or Blocks. You can also configure taxes for development, marketing, liquidity, charity, and the total tax if limits are enabled, including the percentage and receiver address for each.

  2. FAIR LAUNCH: Similar to Limits but with additional options for choose the percentage of tokens for liquidity and the amount of ETH to add.

Creating tokens on Blast L2 allows for a range of customizations from basic to advanced configurations. Whether you're launching a simple standard token or an advanced token with specific limits and taxes, the process is designed to be accessible for beginners while offering the depth required by more experienced users.

Always ensure you understand the implications of the settings and taxes you apply to your tokens to create a fair and successful project.

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