The HyperBlast staking system is designed to reward long-term investors and participants in the HyperBlast ecosystem. By staking HYPE tokens, participants can earn points and bonuses, which translate into rewards distributed weekly. This document outlines the mechanics of the staking system, including point accrual, bonuses, and reward distribution.

HyperBlast staking system rewards long-term investment and active participation in the ecosystem. ⚡️ There is NO LOCK-IN PERIOD, and you can UNSTAKE at any time ⚡️

Upon staking HYPE tokens, participants begin to accumulate points at a rate proportional to the amount staked. For every HYPE token staked, participants earn 0.1 points per hour. These points serve as the basis for calculating reward distribution and bonus accrual.

To incentivize long-term investment, the HyperBlast staking system includes a progressive bonus mechanism. Stakers receive a 50% bonus on their accumulated points for each month they remain staked, up to a maximum of 300% after six months. This bonus accelerates point accrual, thereby increasing the staker's share of the weekly rewards.

Rewards are distributed weekly in the form of HYPE tokens. The total amount of HYPE distributed each week is fixed, ensuring that early stakers can achieve higher profits. The share of rewards each participant receives is determined by their percentage of the total points pool at the time of distribution.

66.666 HYPE tokens + 50% of HYPE collected from utilities will be distributed between stakers each month weekly during 3 years.

If a participant chooses to unstake their HYPE tokens, they will forfeit all accumulated points and bonuses. This mechanism encourages stakers to remain invested in the ecosystem to maximize their rewards

Note: "If you withdraw your tokens you lose all accumulated Stake Points. Claims are not included, you can compound or claim without any penalty"

In addition to HYPE token rewards, stakers can also receive Blast Gold, a form of developer points distributed among HYPE stakers. The amount of Blast Gold received by each staker is proportional to their points, offering a secondary form of reward for participation in the staking system.

Through a combination of hourly point accrual, progressive bonuses, and dual rewards in the form of HYPE tokens and Blast Gold, stakers have the opportunity to earn significant returns while supporting the HyperBlast platform

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